How to Execute a Task Hourly in Task Scheduler

When you set up basic tasks to execute in Task Scheduler, there isn’t initially an option in the Basic Task setup for enabling the task to run on an hourly basis. This tutorial will show you how to set up tasks to run on an hourly basis, after you’ve set up a basic task to run via Task Scheduler.

First, we go to the task that we want to schedule hourly in Task Scheduler, available in the Task Scheduler Library. For example, the task that we want to schedule hourly is called execute_python_batch_file:

After we select the batch file, we go to the right tab and select ‘Properties’, and the task Properties tab should appear:

We go to the ‘Triggers’ tab and select the ‘Edit’ option:

An ‘Edit Trigger’ screen will appear. To set the script to run hourly, we select the ‘Repeat task…’ option and enable it. We select the ‘1 hour’ option, indicating that we wish for the task to execute on an hourly basis, and select the duration as indefinite under the duration option. The set options are shown in screenshot below:

We then press the ‘OK’ button and exit the popup. Our batch script is enabled to run hourly at the :00 mark!

This concludes this tutorial. If you want to know more on how to execute Python scripts in batch mode using Task Scheduler, visit the following two tutorials:

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