How to Add Python to Your Windows Path

If you didn’t add Python to your Windows Path during your Python installation and you want to reference Python from the Command Line (see this tutorial as an example), you’ll need to manually add your Python installation to the Windows Path. This tutorial walks you through how to do this.

First, go to the ‘Start’ menu, and type in ‘View advanced system settings’. The ‘System Properties’ popup will appear. Go to the ‘Environment Variables’ option, as shown below:

Go to ‘Path’ under the ‘System variables’ option in the ‘Environment Variables’ tab, and select ‘Edit’:

Select the ‘New’ option and add the file path of the Python application:

For example, if we wanted to add Python27 as a path, we’d write the following:

Press the ‘OK’ option. Python should now be added to your Windows Path!

This concludes this tutorial. Thanks for reading!

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